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No solvents, no liquid silicone, no toxic chemicals.

Why Choose Us

Dry Cleaners Brisbane

Pickup / Delivery

Convenient pickup locations around the city ensure you can access our quality dry cleaning services.

Environmental friendly Dry Cleaners Brisbane

Green and Safe

Our environmentally dry cleaning methods ensure safe garment cleaning for all customers in Brisbane.  We are leading the way with the lastest technologies.

Fast Service Dry Cleaners Brisbane

Fast Service

Due to regular pickups from our drop points, the garments are returned straight to us for cleaning and then returned to your pickup point for you. 

Looking for laundry services?

Our sister company The Laundry Chute is waiting for your call to give you the same level of service that you enjoy through My Dry Cleaners.

Affordable Prices

Shirt & Jeans Dry Cleaning Sandgate Brisbane

Shirt & Jeans

Jacket Dry Cleaning Sandgate Brisbane


Dress Dry Cleaning Sandgate Brisbane


Suit Dry Cleaning Sandgate Brisbane



  • Travis Goode

    I’ve been taking my jackets and suits here for a few years now and I’ve always been really happy with the quality of service, the fast turnaround and the staff who are always professional. Fast, efficient, reliable and friendly. I highly recommend.
  • Fay Bond

    My brother is in rehab after a stroke, and these wonderful people pick up his laundry and deliver it back to him at very reasonable rates. It makes my life so much easier. They are very friendly and so helpful.

  • Chanee Wardlaw

    Prompt, professional and friendly, on time and a great cost. Sandgate dry cleaners go above and beyond to satisfy the customer, client or business. Highly recommend Sandgate dry cleaners.
  • Del W

    Great dry cleaners - Convenient location, friendly and fast service, prices are reasonable and they always take good care of my clothes - the end result is always 100%
  • Tony Ng

    Did a very good job of dry cleaning my jacket. Friendly staff, price is reasonable in my opinion. Turn around time was a few days. I would use their service again.
  • Jenn Rivera

    Excellent customer service. Jacket was cleaned fast than expected on a rushed turnaround. Highly recommend.

  • Yu Yi LEUNG

    Their reliable, professional job finish. Highly recommended.
  • Yvonne Brown

    Had paint on the sleeve of my jacket they were able to get it I off. Good job

  • Ian James

    Very efficient and did a great job of dry cleaning my jacket. Very friendly and helpful owner, she was great and reassuring.
  • Gabriella Loch

    Always do excellent service. Car keys found today at 3pm outside this shop. If you lost your car keys today and some other keys attached - looked like house keys too, go to Sandgate police station as they have them.
  • Ben Karipa

    Easy transaction, perfect service
  • George Vejdelek

    Done a great job on my dry cleaning
  • Rikki Leigh

    They did an awesome job on my Dads old leather jacket. It came up so good. Highly recommended.
  • Emmy Meee

    Excellent prices great service
  • Dick Johnson

    Friendly, easy to use, finish on time. Pretty much what you want from a dry cleaner.
  • Jason

    Great drycleaners, lovely staff who are very accommodating and great turn around time
  • Mark Patane

    Good service, great prices. Like
  • Camilla Lucko

    Clothes were pressed and cleaned really well to standards
  • Joseph Foley

    Great place, friendly staff and aways do such a great job.
  • Jehan Munasinghe

    Always do a nice job with my suits
  • Elena Rose

    Great service and lovely people!
  • Matty RA

    I won't go anywhere else, they do a fantastic job!
  • Paul Setter

    Great service.
  • Carlton Isaaks

    Excellent service
  • Debbie Russell

    Great service
  • Dan

    Nice people!
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